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Breeding for the ultimate pet, performance and conformation Aussie. Friday, December 23, The Art of Sportsmanship. Click here to see an article on sportsmanship in the world of purebred dogs. This article was originally published in the AKC Gazette. Posted by gtassociates hughes. Australian Shepherd Breed Characteristics. Click here to see article on "breed characterisitcs" that originally appeared in the AKC Gazette.

About Expression. For the Good of the Breed. Click here to view the article which originally was published in the AKC Gazettte. A History of the Australian Shepherd. Click here to see an article that originally appeared in the issue of Dogs in Review magazine. Australian Shepherd Potential Breed Development.

Click here to view some of the breeds that potentially contributed to the Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherd Historical Timeline. Click here to see an example of the Australian Shepherd breed timeline. Tuesday, December 20, Merry Christmas. Wednesday, December 7, Come by Sasha.

Thursday, December 1, Happy Birthday! Monday, November 21, Judging in the Netherlands. Fossil in the Fall. Sunday, November 20, Face Time. Sunday, November 13, The Sasha Boing! Group 2. First Outing.Breeding for the ultimate pet, performance and conformation Aussie.

Posted by gtassociates hughes. Merry Christmas from San Francisco. From Stonepine South. Thursday, December 9, Introducing Stonepine Fuel Injected "Enzo". Stonepine Silk Kimono "Hailey". Friday, December 3, Young Adults Available. Tuesday, November 16, Website Updated. So pleased to announce that the new website is up.

stonepine aussies

Please take a moment to scroll through some of our new pages and slideshows. If you would like to be included just email me with the information and a photo. Feedback and comments are of course welcomed! Silk-Turner Litter Week 4. Tuesday, April 13, Sash Grins. Silk-Turner Litter Week 2. Sash-Deacon Litter Week 5. Sash-Deacon Litter Week 3.

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A trend of new puppy owners is to research the breed, and the suitability of the breed on the internet alone. Exposure comes from spending time around Australian Shepherds. Meet as many different Aussies as you can. Talk with the owners. Visit dog parks and observe the energy level of this working dog. Experience comes from more in-depth, immersed exposure to the breed. Most often this can be accomplished by attending an all-day Australian Shepherd dog show, making appointments to visit quality breeders at their homes, attending dog training classes where there are Australian Shepherds in attendance.

Experience is attained from exposure over time. It was hard to get a Week 2 picture as these guys were all over the whelping box! They are very mobile now, eyes are just starting to open. These are very fat and healthy puppies!

stonepine aussies

Silk Litter Arrives. Wednesday, March 17, Sash Pups are Here! Tuesday, March 9, Meet The Cat.Breeding for the ultimate pet, performance and conformation Aussie. Posted by gtassociates hughes. Pups Are Here! Well in South Africa actually. Congratulations to John and Michele Colborne. Wednesday, October 28, Sasha. From Maryse Shank: "Here is Sasha doing her routine at agility. She has learned a lot in 16 weeks and we are looking forward to the next level. She loves it and is a much faster learner than I am!

New Champion. Great job and so very proud of you. Happy Halloween. Ursula Bishop's Enzo. Thanks for the Halloween wishes. Gentry and Phillip. Phillip and family form what we loving refer to as "Stonepine South!

stonepine aussies

Happy Boys. Visit his website! Stonepine Silk Kimono, owned by Joanne Prada is not only gorgeous, but she has quite a few brags and titles! She earned her 2nd. Open Jumpers leg with a 1st. She also earned her 2nd. Open Standard leg with a 1st. I may enter her in one more trial before year end and maybe she can finish one of her Open titles. She is a stunning agility dog with a strong work ethic. I wanted to be sure you saw that as she may be overthrown from the No.

She is also ranked as No. Saturday, October 3, Pregnant in South Africa.

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The California contingency was in great form, having worked hard and earned their just rewards! Welcome back to the states our wonderful friends from Energie Australian Shepherds Germany.

Hoping you had a wonderful trip and looking forward to seeing you in April in St. A gorgeous neutered red merle son of Ch. Stonepine Shiraz "Rozz," by Ch. He belongs in a full-time owner home: this means that someone is home all day or takes the dog with them all the time.Breeding for the ultimate pet, performance and conformation Aussie.

Wednesday, November 23, Teamwork Par Excellent! Posted by gtassociates hughes. Sunday, November 20, Preservationism. Our beloved breed is in transition Their multiple unique qualities and the work of dedicated breeders have made this transition possible and have preserved the breed for future generations. A truly versatile breed. Meet Dylan and Eevee This is Eevee and Dylan's 10 week old and ten year old picture.

Eevee is doing really well! We have not started classes yet, but can hardly wait. Monday, June 13, Stonepine Solaris. Hi Nannette, I was looking at your website the other day and realized I had not sent you photos of Solo Ch. Stonepine Silk. I took these today after our tracking practice. She is a phenomenal, determined tracker, great nose work dog and her obedience career is taking off with high scores in Rally and Beginner novice.

I have really put that spotted nose to work. She also passed the first half of the HT. Thank you so much for breeding her. She is fabulous…and pretty on top of it. Thursday, July 23, Happy Birthday Sammy! Saturday, July 4, No Stopping Jazz! Happy Birthday to the Fourth of July Litter! Wednesday, June 17, Peaches is "Nosey! Tuesday, June 16, Introducing Jazz has her ATCH! DNA-tests in dog breeding, approved by the commission meeting in Iceland November.

The availability of genetic tests for different diseases in dogs has increased dramatically in. For breeders and dog owners, the utility and accuracy of these tests are. Even though DNA tests offer new opportunities as a tool for. The fact that a genetic test is.

The Scientific Committee of the Nordic. The points described in the document should serve as. BC was happy with the presentation; the information given in the document is of great.I have been involved with Australian Shepherds sinceand have been active in many of the performance sports associated with Aussies—conformation, herding, obedience, agility and versatility. Situated in the central coast region of northern California--the Monterey Bay area; the perfect climate for growing perfectly wonderful Aussie puppies!

I have written numerous articles on the breed and conduct WORLDWIDE seminars on such topics as breeder education, training, judging, and improving healthy and longevity.

You can access much of this information on the Australian Shepherd University website.

Stonepine Australian Shepherds

Not all breeders are one and the same. Stonepine Australian Shepherds continues to work closely under the mentorship and with the bloodlines from the world-famous Heatherhill Australian Shepherds Kathy and Alan McCorkle. My purpose for breeding Australian Shepherds is to preserve and protect this breed for future generations to enjoy and love as much as I do.

This takes dedication, skill, knowledge, and mentoring for a lifetime. My focus is on the health and longevity of the breed as well as breeding quailiyt and consistency in accordance with our breed standard to preserve the breed traits that make an Aussie and Aussie.

Thank You for your interest in Stonepine Australian Shepherds. Address: PO Box Aromas, California USA. Phone: Our Dogs. Bred By.

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Owner FAQ. Australian Shepherd University. What is a Preservation Breeder? The requests for puppies during Covid has skyrocketed. I cannot reply to each request in a timely and respectful manner.Construction barely even started on the other 3. The proposed refits were specifically for Hood, because what little had been built of the rest of the class had been long since scrapped by 1941.

Also Tirpitz having torps was only unique because she was sold as a premium before the German tech tree was implemented. It was obvious all along that a Scharnhorst class would be in the tree and bring more torps to the BB line. Hood would be a premium as she sunk in 1941 and the Admiral class would appear as a Tier VII in the battlecruiser line with the proposed refits along the lines of Renown.

stonepine aussies

I know you want Hood badly but it's not happening. She won't be included on the battleship line and her sheer status almost relegates her to premium status. Since we always use namesake ships for the tech tree and Hood belongs to the ADMIRAL class, the battlecruiser line would just be called Admiral with the castle like superstructure and the proposed refit.

Austrailian Shepherd! Cute and Funny Aussie Shepherd Videos

The Royal Navy doesn't always name classes after a ship. Often they name the class after a common theme used for the names of all ships in the class.

As was the case with the Admiral class battlecruisers: all were named after famous English admirals. There are already numerous examples of this in the Royal Navy cruiser line.

Weymouth is from the 1910 Town class. Caledon is from the C class. Fiji is from the Crown Colony class. Edinburgh is from the 1936 Town class.

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We're going to see a that a lot in the British DD line as well, since the vast majority of British destroyers had class names that were not the name of a ship. It could very well be that Daring at T10 will be the only ship in the DD line that's the namesake of a class. Technically, we're also seeing that with nearly every Soviet ship.

The Soviets didn't name classes after one of the ships in the class. They named them after a project number. For example Gnevny was the first ship of her class, but the Soviets never called it the Gnevny class.

They called it Project 7.

Tech tree could get the 1941 rebuild easily enough. HMS Duke of York or HMS Prince of Wales. Maybe HMS Glorious before she was converted to an aircraft carrier.The buckle accent and pleated details give you the style you're looking for, and the round toe and breathable insole ensure a comfortable fit. The latex foam that makes up the insole puts a little bounce in your step and protects your foot from the shocks of the day.

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Coupon code could not be applied to the cart. Please check the coupon code and try again. But I'd really like to see this beauty:would be nice to finally get the Ke-Ni Otsu. Or maybe the Soviet KhTZ-16. But I'd really like to see this beauty: Edited by BaerenGott, Dec 27 2016 - 04:01. But seems like that is still "in the planning" phase according to one of the news feeds from the other day. Other than that my guess is ANOTHER lack luster German TD at t7 or ANOTHER rehash of some T6-7 Russian heavy.

I thought the Krupp and the kv-122 were all the "new" tanks we were getting. There were like 30 MTLS 1G14 Blitzen Tanks battling it out in a match I watched on YouTube. The tank is not overpowered it just a rare collectible. The United States Tank MTLS 1G14 should be our New Year's Gift Tank for 2017.

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